At Made in India Sourcing, we believe in Excellence through Quality and have been providing services to our clients spread world over in the following areas :-


Sourcing Products from India similar to the existing range of the Buyers/Importers.

Introducing new categories of products keeping the clients market & customers in mind.

Doing competitive sourcing from different vendors/ manufacturers so that the client gets the best prices & lead times for production.

Product Development

Proto-type samples received from clients are copied.

Developments are made from the sketches, illustrations, photographs or specs sent by the buyers.

Modifications can be made to requirement to the sample selected.

Selected/ developed sample ranges are sent to the client for review/approval.

Order Placement

Once the sample are approved orders are placed on different vendors.

Performa invoice is generated by the vendor & LC/Advance request in sent through us.

LC/Advance is send by the buyer for the order placed on the vendor.


The vendor will send PPS before starting the full production.

Production Followup

Buyers are kept updated on the production progress made on a regular basis.

Quality Control

The approved proto-type samples of the styles on order are used as a standard for all inspections.

We overlook testing of product through registered laboratories such as SGS, MTL, if requested by the clients

Production Process

Initial Inspection is done when the raw material is received in house by the vendors/manufacturers or when the first production pieces are in house.

Midline Inspection is done when the goods are in the finishing stage.

Final Inspection is done when the goods are 100% made and packed. At this stage all carton markings, invoices packing list and other relevant document are checked.

H. Shipping

Once the final inspection has been conducted and goods cleared we overlook to make sure that goods are handed over to the nominated consolidator of the buyer for shipping on time.

In case the buyer does not have a nominated consolidator then we help to find a consolidator & shipping line for the client.

Shipment Document

The vendor will dispatch the original documents after receiving the balance payment.

The documents can be sent through bank or directly to the buyer as per instruction.

Original Docs - Invoice, Packing B/L & GSP